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  • Electric BBQ Grill


    The Electric BBQ Grill allows the heat to be retained so that your food cooks perfectly every time, giving those lovely grill marks on your food! It features a detachable grill wire that can be adjusted to three different heights for fast grilling, grilling and keep warm. The BBQ grill with automatic thermostat control, a power indicator light and a chrome grill has cool touch handles making it ideal for indoor household use.


    Power indicator light
    Detachable, adjustable grill wire (3 heights)
    Fast Grilling
    Grilling, keeping warm
    Keep Warm
    Chrome grill
    Special decorative coated-steel housing
    Durable stainless steel heating elements
    Easy-to clean BBQ grill
    Automatic thermostat control
    Cool touch handles
    On/Off Switch


    Type: Table Top Electric BBQ Grill
    Power: 2000W
    Voltage: 230V
    Frequency: 50/60Hz

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