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    Gemstones are an important aspect of Vedic astrology. Our 9 planets of the solar system represent the 9 gemstones. Wearing gemstone according to your natal chart gives progress in various forms of life .(1) Wearing a Ruby gemstone increases professional status and popularity.(2)Wearing a Pearl gemstone increases consciousness, stability in mind. (3) Wearing a Coral gemstone gives motivation and desire to prosper in life.(4)Wearing an Emerald gemstone gives intelligence and makes one master of trades.(5) Wearing a Yellow Sapphire gemstone gives luck, fortune, happiness and prosperity.(6) Wearing a Diamond gemstone gives luxury, love and beauty.(7)Wearing a Blue Sapphire gemstone gives wisdom, discipline and integrity.(8)Wearing a Hessonite gemstone gives fortune, social status, success and wealth.(9)Wearing a Cat’s eye gemstone gives interest in spirituality and provides knowledge.

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